Get a local a sense of craft and community at places where you're likely to meet the owner. I started this list with a few of my favourites, and asked the Tripadvisor community for some more tips.

  • Ashurbanipal aka. Freddie's place. A kind of self-serve Iraqi place, and Freddie's always cracking jokes.
  • L'etranger - really cozy place with tasty French food.
  • Happy Pig - modern and Bulgarian fusions. Like BFC - Bulgarian Fried Chicken.
  • Daro - opinionated, honest and understated. That refers to Daro himself and the food.
  • Bistro Pesto - a nice summer place to sit outside and people watch.
  • CoKitchen - here, you'll meet loads of up-and-coming chefs
  • Rolling Dogs - hot dogs, beers and rock'n roll.
  • Ahora - started by the chilled-out winner of Master Chef